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Skyros Highlights

Skyros is the perfect destination for your holidays to Greece. It is an island that has lots to offer and one steeped in history and tradition. All around the island are many beautiful villages and towns, each with its own charm and beauty.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, Skyros has something for everyone, and the island is the ideal destination for family holidays, romantic getaways or even short breaks throughout the year.

Skyros Villages

The villages of Skyros provide the perfect way to appreciate and learn about the island. Each has its own beauty and apperance, from the green and relaxing resort of Atsitsa to the rocky coast area of Pouria.

The capital town of Chora, which is located on the eastern side, is a very beautiful and interesting location where all travellers to Skyros should visit. You can enjoy some wonderful views stretching out over the northeastern coast as well as enjoy a walk around the winding paths as you make your way to the top.

Along the eastern coast are the famous resorts of Magazia and Molos where you will find the stunning soft sandy beach, which is popular with holidaymakers during the summer months. Heading west from Molos you will reach the area of Gyrismata, where you will find another huge beach.

There are many other interesting villages around the island such as Atsitsa in the west, which is surrounded by immense natural beauty and is a very picturesque location.

You can also head to the towns of Acherounes, Kalamitsa and the port of Linaria, which is the arrival point for many visitors to the island.

Attractions in Skyros
Attractions in Skyros

Skyros Beaches

For beaches, you will find lots all around the coast of Skyros, with the most famous being the beach of Magazia. There are many other beautiful beaches you can enjoy such as Agios Petros, Agios Fokas, Agios Pefkos and many others.

Most of the beaches are very isolated without any facilities, so make sure you bring your own drinks and snacks. Around the beach of Magazia and Molos you’ll find a choice of café bars or places to eat.

Skyros Museums

Skyros is home to two very impressive museums, both of which are well worth visiting if you have the chance. The Archaeological Museum of Skyros is located in Chora and here you can discover more about the history, culture and traditions of the island. The museum is open every day apart from Mondays and National Holidays.

Very close to the Archaeological Museum is the Faltaits Folklore Museum was founded in 1965, and is a unique and interesting museum. Here you can learn more about the traditions of the island and see the many wonderful displays of old books, tools, household object and much more.

Skyros Horses

Something else that the island of Skyros is very famous for are the Skyrian Horses. These beautiful and unique horses have lived on the island since the ancient times, and their preservation has been a true success story. The horses are similar to ponies in size, but have larger heads and a stronger neck and backbone. There are several horse farms around the island where you can see these wonderful animals up close and personal.

Skyros is a very special island and one that has remained unchanged over the years. It has lots to offer visitors and there are always interesting sights and attractions to see, as well as places to visit and enjoy.


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