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Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, you can be confident that the island of Skyros will be able to provide a huge range of holidays. From relaxing by the beach, to trekking and excursions around the island, Skyros has something for everyone.

There are many beautiful towns, villages and coastal resorts spread out all over the island, each offering a unique charm and magic to visitors. From Chora, the main town of the island, to smaller places such as Atsitsa, Molos and Aspous, there is much to see and appreciate when visiting Skyros.
Most visitors to Skyros will visit the beautiful town of Chora ( Hora ). Situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the east coast of the island, Chora is a charming traditional town, with a lovely selection of small traditional shops, cafe bars and tavernas.

Close to Chora are the coastal towns of Molos and Magazia are ideal for the summer months, where visitors can enjoy the clean blue sea and popular beaches. From Chora, one can venture out and explore all parts of the island, experiencing a very unique and unspoilt Greek island.

There are many interesting archaeological ruins and sites around Chora that are well worth visiting, such as the castle, towers and the Archaic temple of Apollo that is located in Fourka.
The north east part of Skyros is the most populated of the island, with many villages and resorts positioned here. However, there are many other interesting town and places to visit all over the island, including several beautiful towns located along the western coast of Skyros.

Here you will come across the towns of Atsitsa in the north west, and Achenoures and Linaria in the central west part of the island. Atsitsa is the home to the Alternative Tourism Centre of Skyros, and is a very naturally beautiful and charming part of the island. It is a very tranquil place, and one where you can enjoy peaceful and relaxing holidays.
Skyros Greece Holidays Travel Skiros Hotels Skyros Holidays
During the summer months, visitors to Skyros will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. There are some truly stunning beaches located around Skyros, where you can simply lie back and enjoy the Greek sunshine in peace and quiet.

For those who are a little more active, you can find a range of various activities to take part in, including trekking excursions around the beautiful forests and valleys, admiring the wonderful panoramic views around the island. There is so much to see and experience on Skyros that it would be a shame if one did not venture out and explore some of the other beautiful and inspiring parts of the island.

Skyros Greece Holidays Travel Skiros Hotels Skyros Holidays

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